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Monthly Archive: June 2017

T2 Trainspotting - A Preview

When news broke that, after twenty years, Danny Boyle would be making a sequel to Trainspotting, the abiding feeling was more trepidation than anticipation, such is the regard for the original film. Much to everyone’s… read more
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Professor Robert Winston - A Review

Robert Winston made no concessions to the faint hearted with his fascinating talk that explored the ethical considerations increasingly brought to bear on a medical profession now able to make quite extraordinary genetic modifications to… read more
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Flying Scotsman (15) - A Preview

Director: Douglas Mackinnon, UK, 2006, 96 mins Jonny Lee Miller, Laura Fraser, Brian Cox With Jonny Lee Miller returning to the formative role of Sick Boy in Trainspointing after twenty years, it’s worth remembering what… read more
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Under the Shadow (15) - A Preview

Directed by Babak Anvari, Iran/Jordan/UK, 2016, 84 mins, subtitles With Narges Rashidi, Avin Manshadi, Bobi Naderi As an Iranian brought up in Britain, director Babak Anvari is well placed to explore the challenges of a… read more
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Every time a successful musical comes along - Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, Moulin Rouge - it is heralded as some sort of rebirth. Proving, yet again, that there is still life in this continually reinvented… read more
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