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Monthly Archive: October 2021

Promising Young Woman is an engaging, thought provoking and gripping examination of date rape.

Given the films industry’s focus on  the #MeToo movement, it’s surprising that  a move exploring the issues raised hasn’t come along earlier. It’s also surprising that it should be marketed as a revenge thriller. Director… read more
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First Cow is a triumph of gentle story telling

Based on screenwriter Jonathan Raymond’s novel, director Kelly Reichardt film is not a story that gets told in a hurry. As much a collage of scenes as a narrative, it is shot with simplicity and… read more
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The Killer Question answered in this funny, inventive mystery

It is always a pleasure and a treat to see new writing performed, and all the more so when the text is as sharp and witty as Dave Payne’s comedy thriller. Payne readily acknowledges a… read more
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