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Monthly Archive: October 2022

Open Space takes Miss Julie in a new direction

Those familiar with Strindberg’s play, might be surprised by how much of it has remained intact in Patrick Marber’s updated version. Marber’s abiding message, by implication, is that nothing much changed in the sixty years… read more
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Mark Rylance fits the Outfit like a glove

Single set dramas – anything from 12 Angry Men to Reservoir Dogs – are compelled to do something interesting with words, and The Outfit is no exception. Mark Rylance is reliably excellent as the cutter… read more
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Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is caught in a trap

Baz Luhrmann’s latest movie is a kaleidoscopic biopic of Elvis Presley, audaciously telling the story of his rise to fame through the distorted prism of Colonel Tom Parker. There have been so many attempts to… read more
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Dunstan Bruce didn't go gentle into that good night

As lead singer (a description he balks at even today) and front man of Chumbawamba, Dunstan Bruce had his moment in the sun with chart-topper Tubthumping.  The definitive one hit wonder (they even had t-shirts… read more
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Time and Tide waits in the Cromer Cafe

Relish Theatre’s play has been touring across East Anglia throughout October, and will continue on manoeuvres after this performance at the Corn Hall, finishing up with a brief run at the Theatre Royal. It’s a… read more
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Fantastic terrors never felt before

The latest production from the Common Ground Theatre Company sees them venture into ambitious territory, taking on both the biography and stories of Edgar Allan Poe. The Raven uses a recital by Poe as a… read more
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A tiny show with a huge message

String Theatre have brought, crows, chimney sweeps and circuses to the Corn Hall in previous years, in productions that featured the changing of the seasons, the aquatic world of fish and myriad forms of insect… read more
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