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Monthly Archive: October 2023

A Romantic Thriller that confounds expectation

Park Chan-wook has a seemingly effortless ability to confound expectation. Very few would have thought the director of Oldboy would have turned his hand to the overt eroticism of The Handmaiden, and with Decision to… read more
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A compelling drama of chilling relevance

At 8.15 in the morning, on the 6th August 1945, the United States unleashed the terrible power of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Michael Mears’s The Mistake is a complex and involving play that offers… read more
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Zerdin's Stand up for Dummies is a masterclass

Is Paul Zerdin Britain's finest ventriloquist? Fans of Nina Conti might have something to say about that, but it's fair to say they are the only two masters of the art that could sensibly lay… read more
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James Norton's Challenging Little Life

The Corn Hall frequently showcases the best the National Theatre has to offer, and it's always a treat seeing what London is enjoying, presented in a way that faithfully captures the theatrical experience.  Filmed at the… read more
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Eric Ravilious is drawn to War

Given the interest shown in the work of Eric Ravilious following the ground-breaking exhibition of this art back in 2015, it's hard to imagine that his work was almost forgotten until his children found a… read more
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