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Monthly Archive: February 2024

Magical Comedy delivered Just like that

Given the ubiquity of tribute bands that make an honest living pretending to be someone else, it’s perhaps surprising that the idea doesn't branch out into other forms of entertainment.  Admittedly, I've seen the likes… read more
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And Then Come The Nightjars

The fictional world of the Detectorists, the fishing exploits of Whitehouse and Mortimer and Benjamin Myer's Perfect Golden Circle all deal with the stoic, idiosyncratic, emotionally repressed bond between two heterosexual men, but its a… read more
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Methought I was enamoured of an ass

It's not every night that I find myself dancing with a mischievous sprite, at least not one with whom I had just had a rubber chicken dual. Perhaps it was all just a dream, albeit… read more
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Past Lives wonders what might have been

Celine Song's astonishingly assured directorial debut seems all the more poignant when you learn it is loosely autobiographical. Much like Greta Lee’s Nora, she lives in New York, having migrated from Korea twenty years previously.… read more
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Delf Delves into the Wilderness

Last year, Eliza Delf gave what was only her second live performance at the Corn Hall, supporting Roddy Woomble of Idlewise. Eight months later, she has returned, accompanied by her Wilderness Collective, as headliner. Before… read more
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