A triumphant and life affirming return for Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha made a real impact at the Corn Hall last year – he seemed to enjoy the evening as much as his audience did – so perhaps it’s no surprise that his return was met by a full house eager to hear what he had in store for us this time. This renowned quizzer, ex-GP, and all round polymath delivered a polished stand-up routine that was as poignant as it was funny.

Warming up for him was Craig Deeley, a very personable fellow that came armed with a full armoury of one liners that brought to mind a cuddly version of Jimmy Carr. Deeley proved to be the perfect starter for a nourishing evening of comedy, with Sinha offering a main course that was both compelling and endearing. As his routine developed, it became uncomfortably clear that he is not a well man, yet he managed to take the crowd with him as he gently explained that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He did so without a trace of self-pity, instead injecting mordant good humour into what might easily have been a depressing tale.  

More a story teller than a comic, and witty rather than funny, I can’t recall an audience radiating such warmth towards a performer. It seemed to me that he returned that affection, in an evening that was as life affirming as it was funny.

David Vass