ALLIED (15) – A Preview

Wednesday 26 April, 8pm

at Diss High School as part of Corn Hall on tour, book tickets here.

Robert Zemeckis has made a specialism of exploiting film wizardry to startling effect, from the insertion of Roger Rabbit into the real world, to the inclusion of Forrest Gump into history. Given his leaning towards such technological stunts it’s something of a surprise that he’s now used this expertise to recreate the old world charm of classic movie making.

Impossibly immaculate and irresistibly charismatic, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard team up, partly for a mission during World War II, but mostly to fall in love, in this handsomely staged and sumptuously presented romantic espionage thriller. Set in Casablanca, the film is packed full of Nazis and cocktails and prop planes and sand – all of which quickly recedes into the shadows when faced with the incandescent light of the two stars, as do a whole host of plucky Brits once the action moves to Hampstead.

There’s a killer twist that makes you re-examine everything you think you’ve seen, but it’s a pity that the need to tug on our heartstrings prevents an exploration of the film’s darker themes, though the star turns of this nostalgic confection hold your attention right up until its bathetic conclusion.

Review by David Vass