Tuesday 6th March saw our Arts Award students take a stand during the inspiring theatre performance of ‘We are the Lions, Mr Manager!’ at the Corn Hall.

The students were treated to an exclusive workshop beforehand with the writer and producer of the piece, Neil Gore. Known for not shying away from gritty subject matter, Gore’s latest triumph is no exception. The production tackles the Grunwick Strike of 1976-78: following the remarkable story of Jayabean Desai as she campaigned for workers’ rights, union recognition and fighting against oppression to turn a localized dispute into a national movement for human rights and dignity, inspiring future generations.

Gore was exceptional in outlining the historical and social context of the play to the Arts Award students and introducing the group to such complex themes ahead of the performance, as well as giving an insight into his career progression and industry knowledge.

The play engaged the group, and the wider audience, from the start and used humour and direct audience interaction to ensure that the subject was delivered in a way far from dry.

The Arts Award students were the first to join the picket lines during the audience participation section of the performance!


Comments from the Arts Award students sing high praise of the production and the group can’t wait until their next trip to the theatre!

“You get involved by singing with the actors and shining torches as if you’re in a concert.”

“The songs were catchy and fun…The humour was really well placed and funny… An interesting comment on the way people were treated then.”

“…with only two actors and one set to work with, the play does amazing. With all the songs and audience interaction, I really recommend it if you like history.”