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Greetings, grapple fans!

Those of us of a certain age can remember Saturday afternoons in front of the telly, listening to Kent Walton commentate as the likes of Big Daddy, Kendo Nagasaki and Mick McManus knocking seven bells… read more
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A tiny show with a huge message

String Theatre have brought, crows, chimney sweeps and circuses to the Corn Hall in previous years, in productions that featured the changing of the seasons, the aquatic world of fish and myriad forms of insect… read more
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The Joys of Start With Art!

As a part of the Corn Hall's Elephant Project, this month's 'Start With Art’ session was also elephant themed. The sessions tied in with the work being exhibited in the Upper and Lower Galleries.  As… read more
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Start with Art gets ship-shape, inspired by James Dodds

On Monday 25th October, the Corn Hall staged its latest Start with Art event, organised by Rachel Baker of IMPS creativity. The auditorium hosted a series of creative activities for children inspired by the current… read more
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A superbly staged production that is both ambitious and original

It’s been awhile since we’ve enjoyed theatre of any kind, but setting that aside, a while longer since The Keeper’s Daughter have presented one of their adaptations of classic texts. The works of Conan Doyle,… read more
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A Magically Nostalgic Evening with Dad's Army

Back in the 70s it was not uncommon for a successful TV show to be adapted for the radio, and Dad’s Army was no exception. David Benson’s and Jack Lane’s audacious idea was to replicate… read more
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Start With Art! returns with wonderful weaving

On Tuesday 1st June, The Corn Hall hosted its first Start With Art! event of the year. Organised by Rachel Barker of IMPS Creativity, the Start With Art! project sees children engage with creative activities… read more
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The Corn Hall unlocks with an evening celebrating local talent

As the Corn Hall tentatively awakens from its lockdown slumber it is only fitting that it should make use of this opening night (albeit online) to showcase local talent. Mentored by the Corn Hall’s ActNow!… read more
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War Horse - one of the best known, and best loved, theatrical productions of this century.  

It’s hard to imagine a better way to re-open the Corn Hall than with a showing of what must be one of the best known, and best loved, theatrical productions of this century. Based on… read more
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Start with Art! with some Awesome Owls, Swirling Otters and very Creative IMPs

On Tuesday 27 October, The Corn Hall hosted its latest 'Start With Art!' (SWA!) event aimed at encouraging children to express their creativity. The SWA! programme is the brainchild of Rachel Baker, of Imps Creativity,… read more
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