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Common Ground have fun with nuns

The Common Ground Theatre Company specialises in the dramatization of challenging classic texts, fearlessly tackling the likes of Coleridge, Poe and Dostoevsky. Their shows make for intellectually nourishing and wonderfully enlightening evenings that educate as… read more
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Women of Troy - a Corn Hall steward's review

On Friday night I continued in my quest to see as much local drama as I can, so I went to Diss Park to watch the open air production of Women of Troy by Euripides… read more
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Britten Sinfonia brings a World Premiere to our doorstep

It's been a long time coming, but chamber music has come to the Corn Hall, with a day of activities that culminated in an evening recital from Britten Sinfonia. What immediately became apparent was how… read more
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Dune is an extraordinary, spectacular visual treat

Director Denis Villeneuve’s decision to take on Frank Herbert’s mammoth Dune novel might be thought brave to the point of foolhardiness, given the almighty mess David Lynch made of it back in the eighties. For… read more
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Elvis McGonagall returns to the Corn Hall as funny, and as angry, as ever

Luke Wright hosted his poetry night with his usual charm and good humour, but otherwise seemed in reflective mood. Perhaps conscious that this quarterly treat is packed with a regular audience, he was keen to… read more
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The Courier is a Ripping Yarn - but is so much more as well

We are so used to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch play dysfunctional geniuses that it’s a little disorientating to discover he’s more than capable of playing a man distinguished by his ordinariness. Greville Wynne, a salesman with… read more
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The Killer Question answered in this funny, inventive mystery

It is always a pleasure and a treat to see new writing performed, and all the more so when the text is as sharp and witty as Dave Payne’s comedy thriller. Payne readily acknowledges a… read more
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The Corn Hall unlocks with an evening celebrating local talent

As the Corn Hall tentatively awakens from its lockdown slumber it is only fitting that it should make use of this opening night (albeit online) to showcase local talent. Mentored by the Corn Hall’s ActNow!… read more
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Red Shoes is a Marvellous Spectacle full of glamour and romance

Michael Powell's masterful adaptation of a Hans Christian Anderson story famously inspired Mathew Bourne to enter the world of dance, and his adaptation of the film is full of the glamour, romance and creativity that… read more
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Little Women breathes new life into into the Classic Novel

Louisa May Alcott’s book has been adapted many times, and as recently as the mid-nineties, so Greta Gerwig had to bring something very special to the screen in order to justify yet one more retelling… read more
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