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An Elephant in the room

Feast Theatre’s mission statement is to bring theatre to the villages and towns of Norfolk, placing a heavy emphasis on stories rooted in the region. Having previously seen the excellent Canada Boys ( notwithstanding its… read more
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Brilliant performances have the audience buzzing

Its over twenty years ago since I saw my first Eastern Angles play, and since then everything from Boudicca's Babes to Booming Voices have explored the history and landscape of East Anglia. It's always worth… read more
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Rachel Stockdale takes a Fat Chance

Rachel Stockdale is a jobbing actor and serial audition failure, so unsuccessful in the latter that she's written a play about it. Described by a casting director as Northern, fat and a woman, he went… read more
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Townsend Theatre Brings History to Life

Townshend Theatre Productions have been coming to the Corn Hall for over ten years, highlighting overlooked figures from history that have been involved in the struggle for social justice. Subjects as diverse as the Tolpuddle… read more
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Top Marks for Top Girls

Roughcast Theatre's focus on classic texts - over half of their productions in the last ten years have been Shakespearean - has inevitably meant that the lion's share of significant parts on offer favoured male… read more
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Hamlet gone for a burton

Jack Thorne’s play is about rehearsals for a play that is staged as if were a rehearsal of Hamlet, which features Hamlet staging a play. The fact that The Motive and The Cue recently transferred… read more
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Radio Brought to life on Stage

The Crime and Comedy Theatre Company benefit from a number of familiar faces (and voices) to draw in an audience, with Colin Baker - best known for his playing of the Doctor during the classic… read more
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A Fabulous Theatrical Feast

Rob John's sharply written Hollyhock Trilogy benefits hugely from the acting talent of Dawn Finnerty and Robin McLoughlin, who both breathe life into the characters sketched out in three separate mini-plays focusing on loneliness, loss… read more
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Magical Comedy delivered Just like that

Given the ubiquity of tribute bands that make an honest living pretending to be someone else, it’s perhaps surprising that the idea doesn't branch out into other forms of entertainment.  Admittedly, I've seen the likes… read more
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Methought I was enamoured of an ass

It's not every night that I find myself dancing with a mischievous sprite, at least not one with whom I had just had a rubber chicken dual. Perhaps it was all just a dream, albeit… read more
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