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Rachel Stockdale takes a Fat Chance

Rachel Stockdale is a jobbing actor and serial audition failure, so unsuccessful in the latter that she's written a play about it. Described by a casting director as Northern, fat and a woman, he went… read more
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We're in the finals! Please vote for us!

DISS - WE'VE MADE IT! Thanks to you and your votes, we've made it into the Regional Finals of Norfolk’s Muddy Stilettos Awards 2024 in the BEST ARTS, CULTURE & THEATRE category.   We're thrilled… read more
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Update to our Transaction Fee

Not many towns of our size can boast a vibrant arts venue at the heart of their community which welcomes 25,000 people each year. The Corn Hall is part of what makes Diss such a… read more
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Café Culture at the Corn Hall

I can imaging it might come as a surprise that an evening of Balkan gypsy jazz tunes could fill the Corn Hall to bursting, but it wouldn't  to anyone who had previously spent time in… read more
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The Corn Hall Box Office

The Box Office will be closed until Monday 8th January. read more
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A fitting Swan Song for Ken Loach

In collaboration with his regular screenwriter, Paul Laverty, Ken Loach has completed a loose trilogy around the themes of poverty and austerity with The Old Oak, a film which he has signalled will be his… read more
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James Norton's Challenging Little Life

The Corn Hall frequently showcases the best the National Theatre has to offer, and it's always a treat seeing what London is enjoying, presented in a way that faithfully captures the theatrical experience.  Filmed at the… read more
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Eric Ravilious is drawn to War

Given the interest shown in the work of Eric Ravilious following the ground-breaking exhibition of this art back in 2015, it's hard to imagine that his work was almost forgotten until his children found a… read more
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Luke Wright’s Celebrates his Silver Jubilee

It's hard to believe that Luke Wright, or anyone else for that matter, has earned a living through stand up poetry for the last twenty five years. Once you've ticked off John Cooper Clarke, Attila… read more
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The Care Experience

Back in January 2023, The Corn Hall hosted an exhibition and a series of events called The Care Experience.    The Exhibition, No Colours for my coat, reflects Paul Yusuf's experience of growing up in care… read more
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