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A Word to the Wise from Charlie Haylock

If a history of our spoken language doesn't sound like your idea of a fun night out, then I have to assume you've never spent time in the company of Charlie Haylock. Combining an encyclopaedic… read more
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Luke Wright’s Celebrates his Silver Jubilee

It's hard to believe that Luke Wright, or anyone else for that matter, has earned a living through stand up poetry for the last twenty five years. Once you've ticked off John Cooper Clarke, Attila… read more
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His Luton bungalow had more than one story

It might be a stretch to call John Hegley’s show multimedia, but we did get a series of slides, starting off with a drawing of the Luton bungalow where he grew up, featuring inspirations for… read more
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Wright brings mirth in his night with McNish

The poetry club at the Corn Hall has long since outgrown the cosy Waveney Room, and now wins audiences in the main hall that rival shows that you might think would have a wider audience.… read more
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Walker and Styles - a workshop where we dug deep to reveal our own concerns

It’s been a long 18 months since the People’s Cabaret last came to the Corn Hall but back in 2021 (as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival), Jessica Walker came to Diss accompanied only… read more
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Sadie Clark fascinating look at Solo Theatre comes to the Corn Hall

Given the current restrictions, financial and practical, imposed on live theatre at the moment, it’s perhaps no surprise that there is a growing interest in solo projects. No social distancing required on stage, tour-friendly staging… read more
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Elvis McGonagall returns to the Corn Hall as funny, and as angry, as ever

Luke Wright hosted his poetry night with his usual charm and good humour, but otherwise seemed in reflective mood. Perhaps conscious that this quarterly treat is packed with a regular audience, he was keen to… read more
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THE REMAINS OF LOGAN DANKWORTH Completes Luke Wright's stunning trilogy

It was perhaps inevitable that in the third of Luke Wright’s trilogy of political monologues he would come bang up to date with an examination of Brexit. In previous outings, in the company of Johnny… read more
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Dom Joly shares his holiday snaps with Diss

From the outset, Dom Joly made it clear there were to be no squirrel costumes or giant phones for the evening’s performance. What we got instead was a fascinating and insightful talk on some of… read more
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John Hegley certainly knows his potatoes

With a mix of poetry and song, John Hegley presented an evening of gentle good humour at the Corn Hall. With the help of Chris and his trumpet, he delighted his audience with whimsies on… read more
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