Corn Hall Comedy Club – A Review

This was probably the very last outing for the Corn Hall Comedy night at the Rugby Club before it returns to its natural home – a varied and lively night that had MC Keiran Boyd reeling from the impish backchat from the front row.

This hugely personable comic took a while to tune in to the mordant humour of an unusually boisterous crowd, but once there, he proved to be a most convivial host, whose infectious enthusiasm for obscure death metal will have caused a wave of surreptitious googling in the interval. Before then, support came from Joe Sutherland, whose arch delivery and comic timing was spot on. An exuberant and confident performer, his gift for clowning him got the biggest laugh of the night.

The laughs that headliner Michael Fabbri earned were long and hard, noticeably taking the evening up a gear. His slacker persona was quickly belied by his super smart delivery of a set that was packed with hand-to-gobsmacked-mouth material. That said, it was his confessional examination of profound dyslexia that really hit home, and while try as he might to create the opposite impression, it’s painfully obvious he’s also a really proud Dad.

By David Vass