Creative Collaboration on Wind Back Time Project

The Corn Hall, The Keeper’s Daughter and Arts Award had a very productive creative skills sharing session on Tuesday. The Keeper’s Daughter led their group through structured improvisation around the memories recorded for the Wind Back Time Project. The Tech Arts Award learnt how to record sound and video interviews of the actors. The Arts Award meanwhile drew everyone as they practised and rehearsed.

There was a great atmosphere of collaboration and creativity and we learnt a lot from each others’ approach to the Wind Back Time Project. And of course there was time for a cup of tea and a chat! The work will be displayed in the Corn Hall on 30th July and the play based on the recorded memories will be performed in October.

This is an ongoing project with loads of exciting workshops to take part in, please see our Arts Award page. We are meeting again at 7-9.30pm next week at St. Mary’s Church Hall please email if you would like to take part.