Dom Joly shares his holiday snaps with Diss

From the outset, Dom Joly made it clear there were to be no squirrel costumes or giant phones for the evening’s performance. What we got instead was a fascinating and insightful talk on some of the most unlikely travel destinations which with he quickly won over his audience.

There was still ample opportunities for a giggle – Joly came armed with some very funny clips –  but for the most part the audience were content to engage with what he had to say. Deftly weaving a potted history of his TV career into a surprisingly intimate chat, it quickly became apparent how his career had serviced his first love of travel. Chernobyl, North Korea and Newfoundland were all mercilessly examined and found wanting, and yet were also celebrated for their eccentricities, in his unorthodox travelogue of some of the most unloved places on the planet.

His greatest affection was reserved for Lebanon, where he grew up in a time of turmoil – something that even now the country struggles to shake off. On a one man mission to rehabilitate the country’s reputation, Joly was at his most passionate and personable when emphasising its beauty, proving himself to be an erudite and compassionate ambassador.