Elliot Grayston Work Experience At The Corn Hall

Work Experience:

I am a student from Diss Sixth Form, and because of changing A-levels we had to complete a week of work experience. I had the opportunity to complete my work experience at the Corn Hall, commencing on the 9th of July. I helped my first day, my completing some tasks in order for the Brush with the Past event to work well as well as generally helping. I also got the chance to watch and listen some of the work that people had created including an artist, Mas Jackson.

I then helped to complete general jobs around the Hall, and later helped within the Box Office. This was a great experience in particular, because of my interests in media and computer technology. I helped to take multiple bookings from the phone as well as in person, and I really enjoyed helping out although it was a little tricky at first. I also took the chance to do another hour in the box office on the Thursday to enhance my skills further which again I really enjoyed. Half way through the week and I had the opportunity to practice some stewarding for the morning film. I helped with collecting tickets and making sure people were satisfied through the film. This was a great experience as a whole, but it was even better as I got to sit through the film and watch it.

On the final two days, I was able to complete a number of tasks involving databases, spreadsheets, as well as creating and scheduling social media post, some of which I created myself. I enjoyed researching and finding the data to fill out the spreadsheets and it was very useful to know how it is done professionally. This along with the Box Office was the best bit of my week at the Corn Hall, as I gained real experience in what I enjoyed and I feel I have gained more than I thought I would have before I started.

Throughout the week I gained valuable experience at the Corn Hall, in a range of different areas and it really helped improve my skills and confidence. I really appreciated the experience and time at the Corn Hall, and I have learned multiple new skills, because of the staff and opportunities I completed.

Thank you,

Elliot Grayston