Gary Delaney brings down the house with his Gagsters Paradise show

You have to wonder if Gary Delaney’s brain is wired up differently from everyone else’s. His prodigious gag writing ability is such that, even before settling down to the show, he has bombarded us with bon mots from his twitter account, flashed up on screen like an automated warm up act.

He also had a flesh and blood warm up act, in the shape of Steve Day, a comic that is no stranger to the Corn Hall. Not one to  make light of his deafness, he was nonetheless at his best when thoughtfully reflecting on the ramifications of disability, most notably in a hilarious skit on the Paralympics.

Gary Delaney is an exhausting man to listen to, with an endless stream of one-liners that barely give your jaw muscles the chance to recover. Three quarters of the way through his act I realised mine was aching through excessive grinning and frequent guffawing. Imagine the scabrous bad taste of Jimmy Carr, the ferocious scatter-gun delivery of Tim Vine and the Powerpoint skills of Dave Gorman. Wrap them up in the same package and you’re some way close to an evening with Mr Delaney.

By David Vass