The Hilarious World of James Campbell… yes everyone thought it was really hilarious.

A review by Sophie.

Yesterday I went to watch the amazing kid’s comedian James Campbell, he was a joy to watch and extremely funny- all the children and most of the adults were crying with laughter.

He was very good at promoting his book but still making it fun for the children to watch. He got the audience involved by inviting children up to share stories or talk about something interesting.

It was very smooth flowing and he has the talent to talk about anything and make it enjoyable and very funny. I especially enjoyed the part when he made a joke about Fireman Sam, it had me laugh loads. I also liked when he pretended to be angry about the naming of Diss which everyone found very funny. He talked amazingly well about his book- so well that I just had to buy my own signed copy. I have already read half of it and it is as positively super as he described it would be. You should read page 68 to find out more about the worms James told us about! Of all the performances I have watched I have never seen one so funny where everybody was in laughing hysterics.

Overall- it was the most funny, amusing, amazing performances I have ever had the pleasure to see.

Quote from a very happy parent: “Great show yesterday had me proper belly laughing in parts!!”

Quote from the birthday party: Thank you for looking after us so well, the girls didn’t stop laughing the whole time. Absolutely brilliant” Simone

Our next Saturday Club is on Saturday 3rd of November at 2:00pm when we can travel to Neverland with ‘Peter Pan’. We really hope we see you then.