Julius Caesar by Silas Tooth

Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has been put together by the Bridge Theatre London which has only been with us since 2017. The performance was directed by Sir Nicholas Hyther who captured the greatness of Shakespeare and delivered it in the modern setting of today.

The plot to kill Julius Caesar, played by David Calder, and plotted by Marcus Brutus Brutus, played by Michelle Fairley, in the attempt to save Rome, but when things don’t go as planned, Rome is divided into a bloody civil war.

At the beginning, when the audience is entering, there is a live band playing which then they started the show with which was a great entrance.

The newly built stage is set iunto dquares that can move up and down to create different stage heights and shapes such as stairs etc. Part of the audience was sitting and the rest including myself were standing playing the people of Rome, which was very exciting because it made you a part of the show and made it all feel very realistic.

A scene between Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius in which they are arguing being close to them and them pulling off the scene so well, you could feel the tension between them, which created a very gripping play.

When the civil war breaks out the stage is split in two by bins filled with barbed wire and tyres, and as fighting begins the lights went down and shrapnel dropped from the ceiling and flashing lights in time with the gunshots. Being right where the action was made it feel very real and scary.

Over all was an amazing performance and one that I will remember for a long time.


Silas Tooth