Lady Gaga CAN act – See her in ‘A Star is Born’

A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper’s version of this much told story is more a reimagining than a remake, with his fading rock star crossing paths with Lady Gaga’s ascendance as an all singing, all dancing pop diva. In case you were wondering, Lady Gaga really can act and Bradley Cooper really can sing, and together they have put together some of the most convincing concert footage you’re ever likely to see in a movie. 

Screenwriter Eric Roth appears to have taken much of his inspiration from the Streisand film but both leads offer up performances that go beyond the words they are given, making the viewer quickly forget what has gone before, and thereby allowing this version to stand on its own terms. The chemistry between the couple on screen is undeniable – these are two star crossed lovers with a fate as predestined as Romeo and Juliet – so while there’s solid support from Sam Elliott and Andrew Clay the film is all about their fractious relationship.

This is a demonstrably American story, with American sensibilities (if Cooper’s calamitous indiscretion had happened at the BRITS he would have probably got a round of applause) but go along for the ride and you’ll be rewarded by a thoroughly engaging story that morphs from sugary romance to something altogether more gritty.