A Review: Saturday Club – Nick Cope

Last weekend I went to the Saturday club at the reopened Corn Hall, where I saw Nick Cope doing a performance for all the family! Nick sang a variety of songs that were all very catchy including: The Baby` s Done a Poo, Lily oh Leary, There`s a Monster Under my Bed and Grow, Grow, Grow. One of my favourites was No I Don `t Wanna Do That, Nick played a very funny animation from his phone that went on the cinema screen and played with the song.
In all the songs Nick got everyone singing even the parents! Nick writes all the songs he performs, they are funny, entertaining and easy to learn. I think that Nick’s performances are for all ages young and old, everyone would enjoy them because they make you laugh and are a bit silly!
At the end of the performance everyone was given their own little cardboard guitar and a pair of glasses and everyone played together – we were like a really big rock band! I think I might drive my Mum mad because I keep singing The Baby` s Done a Poo!
If you get the chance to go and see one of his performances you should and I hope he comes back to the Corn Hall!!!!!!

By Eadie Bee, Aged 8