Rowan Whittington Reviews Life on the Deben

I am Rowan Whittington, a student from Diss Sixth Form, taking part in the student Takeover Day at The Corn Hall. Whilst doing so, I watched the Wednesday morning showing of Life on the Deben.

Life on the Deben follows author and journalist John McCarthy and Woodbridge based director Tim Curtis down the River Deben, tracking it from its origins in Debenham down to the coast of Felixstowe. Along the way, McCarthy interviews locals to find out more on the effects the river has had on rural life and business from both past and present. A heavy focus on Anglo-Saxon history provides information on both the Sutton Hoo and Rendlesham archeological finds. Accompanying this are wildlife studies with conservationists and in depth explanations about the ever-changing coastline and rivers. Curtis provides an insightful look into the river and history of Suffolk, including 17th century painters, the Woodbridge Wits and smugglers tunnels hidden beneath a church. As someone who didn’t even know about the river before watching, I found it particularly interesting and have come away with an abundance of knowledge on the local area.

By Rowan Whittington