Ruby Watkinson: Work Experience Review

Ruby Watkinson: Work Experience Review

On the 8th July 2019, I began my weeks work experience at the Diss Corn Hall.

After finding out that year 12 had to complete this compulsory week I set out to ensure that I would make the most of this opportunity, so pursuing my interest in all activities related to the Arts I successfully applied to complete my week at the Corn Hall.

Throughout the week I was given numerous activities and challenges to complete and take part in, on the first day I was thrown straight into work by helping out in the Dementia Cafe that takes place at the Corn Hall every second Monday of the month. This was a very enjoyable experience as I got taught numerous games and was even allowed to take part in Tai Chi, all whilst talking to these lovely people.

On the Tuesday morning I created flyers that will be used to advertise the Saturday Club and the Chris Riddell storytelling event, this was an exciting activity to complete because I had never done anything like this so it was interesting to learn how to use CANVA. Due to design work on the computer not being my strongest I did find this challenging but I did enjoy being able to work this easy but efficient website to complete these flyers!

In the afternoon, we assisted with Lee (the Operations Manager) in preparing for the Volunteers evening whilst also coming up with ideas to encourage more young people to come to the Corn Hall. I also got to attend an important meeting, which was very interesting to see how the inside operations work. Here, I was asked my opinion on certain topics and ideas, so I enjoyed being able to put forward a younger perspective.

The following day I stewarded for a children’s film and then helped out in putting up the new art exhibition called A Splash of Colour by Albert Irvin and John Golding. This I thoroughly enjoyed because it was amazing to be surrounded by such beautiful and valuable paintings and screen prints with such a range of colours. It was fascinating to see how the process developed from an empty gallery to a full exhibition, which I can say I was a curator for. Although the day was challenging regarding lifting the heavy artwork, it was an activity I completed without hesitation and an activity were I learnt how to use different tools to produce the final product.

On Thursday, I helped out in the Box Office and this wasn’t too difficult due to it being similar to my other job where I also answer the phone and serve customers. I dealt with the public, money and tickets, whilst also taking people into an interview. It included a lot of multitasking but nothing I wasn’t used too. Then in the evening I experienced how to use social media, including Facebook, to advertise and schedule upcoming events. I found this interesting because I have never done much work surrounding digital marketing so it was good to learn more and improve my knowledge.

Overall, the week has been very enjoyable with numerous activities to take part in, I’ve been very busy with tasks to complete and deadlines to meet, so I have gained valuable experience. I was amazed to see the variety of opportunities that the Corn Hall have to offer and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who made me feel very welcomed during this week and for all the new skills I have obtained.

Thank you!