Start with Art! Inspired by current exhibition

Our latest Start with Art! at the Corn Hall on Tuesday 5th April saw our young artists drawing self-portraits and mixing water colours to paint skin tones. These activities were inspired by the works of John Atkinson entitled ‘Girl in a Hat’, ‘Chicken Farmer’ and ‘Cuban Man’.

‘Chicken Farmer’ also proved to be a really creative stimulus for Be the Picture where the young creatives dressed up and posed in the big frame to feature in their own work of art. This proved to appealing to both the young and the young at heart alike!

Using ‘Fressingfield Sky’ and ‘Dark Cloud’ By Charles Jamieson as the inspiration the children jointly created a fabric seascape which will be on display on the walls in the Corn Hall Café from May 21st as part of the ‘Abstraction Now’ exhibition. ‘Shadows near Walberswick’ and ‘Red Boat’ also by Charles Jamieson saw very imaginative creative play in the sand and fabric tray as well as beautifully created sky and landscape collages.

Ice creams appear in many of John’s paintings, and this encouraged the creation our own delicious icy delights with paper and wool. Painting alongside John to create a still life was a real treat as was listening to author Juliette Atkinson reading ‘Rolo Rabbit’, a book she has written, and which was illustrated by John.

Hunting the puzzle pieces in the gallery gave our young visitors and their families the chance to look closely at all the work by both artists on display, together with the opportunity to share their thoughts about the pictures with Matt our gallery curator.

One parent commented ‘Great fun, great creative atmosphere, so many different activities to choose from’ while another observed ‘Great techniques and ideas to teach older kids, but also simpler things for little ones. Wonderful and fun!’

One Exhibition – Two Artists John Atkinson and Charles Jamieson continues in both galleries until 14th May

We do hope that you will come to see the work created by our young Start with Art! artists when it is on show between May 21st and June 25th.