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Best of Comedy at the Corn Hall

Unusually for a compere, Matt Richardson was probably the best known of the comics on the bill, and having nicely warmed up the crowd with the usual Wickerman ribbing we grin and bear from London-centric… read more
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Best of Comedy debut is a sold out success

Over the years, the likes of Sara Pascoe, Dave John, Simon Munnery and Mitch Benn have entertained the Corn Hall Comedy Club, but not all on the same night. I don't think there's ever been… read more
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Come and see the violence inherent in the system

They say the necessity is the mother of invention, and I doubt there's a better exemplar of the maxim than Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a film that, as the posters said at the… read more
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Wozniak's Family Fable Fills the Corn Hall

Unique is one of the most overworked words in comedy, but Mike Wozniak really is one of a kind. Impeccably well mannered, dressed in his signature suit and tie, and with a moustache that would… read more
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Magical Comedy delivered Just like that

Given the ubiquity of tribute bands that make an honest living pretending to be someone else, it’s perhaps surprising that the idea doesn't branch out into other forms of entertainment.  Admittedly, I've seen the likes… read more
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Mark Watson Embraces Diss

I've seen Mark Watson a few times over the years, and I'm never sure how much of his intended routine ever gets delivered. Such is his conversational, seemingly disconnected, style, it’s tricky you work out… read more
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Return of the Romcom

Shekhar Kapur, probably best known as the director of Elizabeth returns after an extended period with the  romcom What’s Love Got to Do with It? It's the sort of fun, frothy and good-natured romp that… read more
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Caulfield covers Kangaroos and Coat hangers

Diss Station isn't really in Diss, observed Jo Caulfield, and I suppose if you've come all the way from Edinburgh by train, it must feel quite a slog from Gilray Road to the Corn Hall.… read more
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Zerdin's Stand up for Dummies is a masterclass

Is Paul Zerdin Britain's finest ventriloquist? Fans of Nina Conti might have something to say about that, but it's fair to say they are the only two masters of the art that could sensibly lay… read more
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Luke Wright’s Celebrates his Silver Jubilee

It's hard to believe that Luke Wright, or anyone else for that matter, has earned a living through stand up poetry for the last twenty five years. Once you've ticked off John Cooper Clarke, Attila… read more
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