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In the Barbie world life in plastic is fantastic

Greta Gerwig's surprisingly subversive movie about the eponymous Barbie, in all her weird and wonderful incarnations, stars Margot Robbie in a role that she was surely born into, as Stereotypical Barbie. Her stereotypical pal Ken,… read more
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A Romantic Thriller that confounds expectation

Park Chan-wook has a seemingly effortless ability to confound expectation. Very few would have thought the director of Oldboy would have turned his hand to the overt eroticism of The Handmaiden, and with Decision to… read more
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Eric Ravilious is drawn to War

Given the interest shown in the work of Eric Ravilious following the ground-breaking exhibition of this art back in 2015, it's hard to imagine that his work was almost forgotten until his children found a… read more
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She Said is a gripping account of dogged journalism

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s solid adaptation of Jodi Kantor’s book of the same name follows in the footsteps of Spotlight and Post, as a team of journalists doggedly investigate wrongdoing that has been covered up by powerful… read more
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A delightful confection starring Leslie Manville and fifties fashion

Anyone familiar with the films of Mike Leigh will know how good an actor Leslie Manville is, but it’s only as recently as 2017, for the performance in Phantom Threads, that this was widely acknowledged.… read more
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Tom Cruise goes Maverick in this astonishing spectacle

Viewed through the prism of all that followed, the first Top Gun film looks oddly dated now, but at the time it was a game changer, instrumental in bringing the vitality and economy of advertising… read more
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Full Steam ahead for the Railway Children's Return

It’s been over fifty years since Jenny Agutter stood on a railway platform calling for her Daddy in the definitive family film. In this belated sequel, it’s Beau Gadsdon that does much the same, in… read more
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Mark Rylance fits the Outfit like a glove

Single set dramas – anything from 12 Angry Men to Reservoir Dogs – are compelled to do something interesting with words, and The Outfit is no exception. Mark Rylance is reliably excellent as the cutter… read more
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Operation Mincemeat is a resounding success

Ten years ago I read a fascinating book by Ben Macintyre, outlining an extraordinary scheme to trick  Nazi Germany into thinking the allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia, rather than their actual target, Sicily.… read more
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Benedict Cumberbatch gives an electrifying performance

It turns out that I have Louis Wain to thank for a life in service to my cats – before his whimsical illustrations became popular at the turn on the last century cats were apparently… read more
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