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Almodóvar is on top form with his latest film

Two mothers, not really parallel at all, come together in this moving melodrama that celebrates the courage of single mothers, while nodding to the unhealed wounds of Spain’s troubled political history. Pedro Almodóvar’s new movie… read more
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Death on the Nile is a sumptuously filmed romp

In the case of Death On The Nile, director Kenneth Branagh and screenwriter Michael Green’s sequel to their polished adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express, we get nothing less than the origin story of… read more
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Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast is a spellbinding masterpiece

Kenneth Branagh’s elegiac, autobiographical movie has a tremendous warmth to it, notwithstanding its grim subject matter, and although it focuses on a specific time in Branagh’s life, it touches on surprisingly universal themes. When, it… read more
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A return to form for the King's Man

Director Matthew Vaughan appears to have, unusually, listened to critics of the earlier Kingsmen films, retaining the stiff upper lip of the protagonist, while dispensing with much of the leering, laddish attitude that marred what… read more
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Dune is an extraordinary, spectacular visual treat

Director Denis Villeneuve’s decision to take on Frank Herbert’s mammoth Dune novel might be thought brave to the point of foolhardiness, given the almighty mess David Lynch made of it back in the eighties. For… read more
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After Love is a stunning debut

Dominating this debut movie from director Aleem Khan is a superb performance from Joanna Scanlan, probably best known for her work in comic gems like Getting On and The Thick of It. Her understated acting… read more
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No Time to Die proves well worth the wait

Daniel Craig’s final Bond film is a fitted conclusion to his record breaking fifteen year tenure. Packed with set-piece action and outrageous stunts, there’s more than enough to keep fans of old-school 007 movies happy.… read more
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The Courier is a Ripping Yarn - but is so much more as well

We are so used to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch play dysfunctional geniuses that it’s a little disorientating to discover he’s more than capable of playing a man distinguished by his ordinariness. Greville Wynne, a salesman with… read more
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Promising Young Woman is an engaging, thought provoking and gripping examination of date rape.

Given the films industry’s focus on  the #MeToo movement, it’s surprising that  a move exploring the issues raised hasn’t come along earlier. It’s also surprising that it should be marketed as a revenge thriller. Director… read more
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First Cow is a triumph of gentle story telling

Based on screenwriter Jonathan Raymond’s novel, director Kelly Reichardt film is not a story that gets told in a hurry. As much a collage of scenes as a narrative, it is shot with simplicity and… read more
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