The Will Pound Band – a review 

Considering he is one of the best harmonica players on the planet, Will Pound seems a remarkably self-effacing man. Content for the most part to let his harmonica do the talking, audience chat took second place to an expert performance by his ensemble of gifted musicians.

Henry Webster got some extraordinary sounds out his fiddle, empathically accompanying Will’s harmonica while Chris Sarjeant constantly moved things forward with his guitar. Sarjeant also sang, albeit only one number in an otherwise instrumental set, revealing a fine voice that left you wanting more of the same. John Parker’s vocal contribution shouldn’t be underestimated either. His accomplished beat boxing counterpointed his seductive bass to brilliant effect. Allied to the unorthodox percussive use he made of his double bass, it really gave the music drive and momentum.

It makes you wonder if, although Will Pound was deservedly nominated for BBC2’s Folk Musician of the Year, this somehow sold the group short. In an age where musical genres are being constantly redefined, their genre defying mash up of Blues, Bluegrass and Jazz seems to take music so much further than the confines of folk. 
By David Vass