Tom and Bunny Save The World  –  A review by Lissy Mapes Graham

On Tuesday 8th May 2018 I went to The Corn Hall in Diss to see ‘Tom and Bunny Save The World’, a must see show from the Fat Rascal Theatre.

To start off, the songs are simple yet witty and funny.  Their catchy tunes and easy lyrics hook the audience into the performance.  For example: ‘Tom And Bunny’ is a perfect illustration of a classic Tom and Bunny song because it gets stuck in your head for hours after the performance.  The choreography helps involve you so that by the end of the song you’re tapping your feet to the beat

The cast from Tom and Bunny seem to live the script with enthusiasm and passion.  They do this by using exaggerated facial expressions, body language and stance.  They crush gender stereotypes by making the women the most powerful and strong characters in the musical whereas Tom is the weaker character with ‘baby animals Top Trumps’.  In other musicals, for example, The Greatest Showman, a new musical to  2017-2018 portrays the women as weaker and in need of protection by men.  Tom and Bunny shows that gender doesn’t define someone’s bravery or personality.