Have you tried wolf tail soup? Our three little pigs thought it was delicious…!

On Saturday 21st July I went to watch the fantastic, child friendly performance at the Corn Hall, Three Little Pigs Tails (Young Reviewer Sophie pictured with Garlic Theatre’s Iklooshar Malara).
I was extremely impressed with the performance because it was only done by one person, and of course the puppets! The puppets were extremely realistic and had different accents and personalities which the children loved.
My favourite thing about the performance as that it had some French words in it – but it was made so clear the children in the rows in-front of me were chanting along.
And one of the very good things was that the puppeteer could get the audience involved very easily and even the adults were transfixed on the show as the Parisian wolf tracked down the piglets as they moved to the outskirts of Poitiers searching for that special ingredient for his soup.
The play ran very smoothly- so changing a scene was no issue and you barely noticed as the actor would play out a scene while changing props and background. Each of the houses built by the little pigs were just as you might imagine from the story we all know so well.
It was also very simple and detailed it gave the perfect performance and it was definitely something I would watch again.
After the show there was a meet the puppets which everyone liked – they took pictures with them and I took one myself! Iklooshar Malara the puppeteer from Garlic Theatre, also made sure that the young Arts Award student volunteers were all involved in helping to set up the show and help the audience enjoy the puppets afterwards.
Overall it was a very good detailed performance with personality and fun- I thoroughly enjoyed it x
By Sophie, Young Reviewer aged 12 years
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