Work Experience at The Corn Hall

Earlier this year, I did my work experience at the Corn Hall. During this experience, I took part in helping at the box office, shadowing the technical assistants for film projection, making posters for the Corn Hall and many other jobs. I thoroughly enjoyed this as I learned about all the different aspects which are needed in order to exhibit both film and art to the local community. Shadowing a technical assistant helped me realise how important sound and lighting can be in order to create the perfect experience for the audience, information you can only get with first hand experience. I also enjoyed being part of a team of volunteers who will put in utmost amount of effort in order to provide entertainment and enjoyment for the public.

I would highly recommend anyone to do their work experience at the Corn Hall, as I have gained loads of information on the exhibition of film and art. If you want to study film, media, drama or art in university, then work experience at the Corn Hall will look great on your UCAS forms when you apply. I cannot thank the Corn Hall enough for letting me do work experience here, and I hope that others will do it as well, it is worth it.

Kyle Hanusiak