Young Reviewer thinks Water Babies is fantastic

“It was about a little boy who did work up a chimney, his boss forced him to do it. He jumped into the sea because his life was just work. But when he jumped into the sea some angels turned him into a water baby. He played with a fish with a bubble in but the fish got captured. But his dog came back. 

The music was joyful, but sometines sad.

The puppets were fun. It was fantastic the way they moved on strings. 

It was fun meeting the puppets and touching them after the puppet show. 

If you want to come to a puppet show, I’ll remind you it’s great!

Saturday Clubs are really good fun.”  – Kitty aged 7


The next Saturday Club is a comedy about Dr Zeiffal and Dr Zeigal and ‘The Hippo that Wouldn’t be Caught’… so bring your hippo catcher and come along to help them try and catch a hippo on Saturday 2 June at 2:00pm. Book your tickets here.