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An Arkful of Animals

Venue: The Corn Hall

An Arkful of Animals – An exhibition in the Upper &  Lower Galleries

This extensive show will fill both galleries spaces with an eclectic range of animal inspired artwork. The show will feature artists such as Henry Moore, Paula Rego and Elisabeth Frink, as well as many local artists. There will be a vast collection of prints, paintings, sculptures, photographs and even marionettes on display for all to enjoy!

Exhibition viewing   Saturday 9 May 11am-1pm 

Come and explore the arkful of animals we have on display, take part in various family-friendly demonstrations and see the artwork come to life!


Start with Art with IMPS! – An Arkful of Animals   Thursday 28 May

Ages 1+ years   3 sessions

Using our Arkful of Animals exhibition as the starting point, these popular sessions – devised by IMPS Creativity – introduce children to the joy of getting creative. Click here for more information.