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Corn Hall – Welcome Back! exhibition

Venue: The Corn Hall

The Corn Hall had just closed our very successful show of Lucian Freud etchings and was about to hang our next exhibition when Covid-19 brought things to a halt, and the proposed programme had to be postponed. 

Curator David Case said "Although the Corn Hall is not fully up and running yet, we thought we would welcome our audience back with a ‘taster’ of the rescheduled shows we have coming up." 

The exhibition will focus on work from two exhibitions – that of the popular landscape artist, Phil Greenwood and ‘An Arkful of Animals’ featuring animals ranging from the literal to the bizarre, from the thought-provoking to the simply fun. The works are by local artists demonstrating what a wealth of talent we have on our doorstep.

There will also be a small group of works by famous names such as Maggi Hambling and David Hockney.

All work other than the Hockneys is for sale.