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Gary Breeze

Venue: The Corn Hall

Gary Breeze has been exhibiting his sculptural lettering works for over 25 years, known best for his major public commissioned work which has helped to raise the profile of text and lettering as a public art-form in the UK and beyond. In 2014 his lettering was used for a stamp commemorating WWI, and 2015 saw the launch of a new fifty pence commemorating the Battle of Britain, designed with Lee Breeze for the Royal Mint. Other recent notable commissions include the lettering and carving to the tomb of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral as well as the cloister fountain at Christ Church, Oxford.

In celebration of the lettering Breeze created for the Corn Hall, Gary gives us access to his extensive portfolio, presenting a photographic journey through many of his most successful designs. Large and small carved pieces will be included in the exhibition. In June Gary will be installing a carved bench and planters he has designed for the courtyard at the Corn Hall to coincide with the exhibition.

Gary studied in Norwich and is now based in Beehive Yard in Diss.

Open evening Wednesday 30 May 6.00 – 7.00 pm

Meet the Gary Breeze in person.

Breeze works as an ethnographer as much as a carver… He restores language to us through his lettering.
Edmund De Waal