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Iceni Botanical Artists – Spring into Summer

Venue: The Corn Hall

With a membership of almost 30 artists, all based in East Anglia, Iceni Botanical Artists specialise in painting the world of plants in inks, oils and watercolour in styles varying from detailed botanical plant studies to natural habitat landscapes.

Renowned for creating botanical paintings of rare and endangered wild flowers of the Breckland area – in 2014 they worked on a three year HLF project, ‘Breaking New Ground’ on this theme – Iceni Botanical Artists will showcase new work highlighting the flora of the East of England.

Exhibition opening   Saturday 4 May   11am -1pm

Meet Iceni Botanical Artists.

You may also be interested in these workshops by artists from the Iceni Botanical Artists group:

Spring Flowers and Little Dew Drops still life workshop on Wednesday 8th May

Observational Botanical Drawing workshop on Saturday 1st June