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Mike Webb – Watercolours and Other Whimsies

Venue: The Corn Hall

Mike Webb’s philosophy is simple. ‘I enjoy putting my work out there; it is what pictures are made for - so people can see and enjoy them. It’s like if you play music, you want people to hear it.’ 

After a career in Silk Screen printing and design he became a full-time artist in 1980.  Since then he has been producing the weekly ‘Mere Quacks’ cartoon in the Diss Express and continues to do so. 

A selection of ‘Mere Quacks’ cartoons will be included in this exhibition along with cartoon paintings, straight watercolours and some new work which is something of a departure for Mike, as the subjects are totally imaginary. 

Nowadays he works chiefly in the medium of ink with watercolour. One advantage of this is that it enables him to do pictures on a larger scale than when restricted to watercolour alone.