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Rock & Roll Ukulele Workshop –

Venue: The Corn Hall
Can you play C, F and G7 chords on the ukulele? Then you can play Rock & Roll! 
Starting with familiar chord patterns and classic Rock & Roll songs, Pete Arnold will show you how to: 
· jazz up and add colour to chords and chord sequences 
· add “boogie- woogie” patterns to your playing 
· learn rhythmic strumming techniques, such as “the shuffle” and “stop time” 
· learn simple, but exciting scales and riffs for lead playing 
· play in different keys
· swing your hips like Elvis (well, maybe not this last one!) 
By the end of the workshop you’ll be able to add all sorts of spicy chords and riffs to classic songs like Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, That’s All right Mama and Johnny B. Goode. 
Chords and riffs (TABS) will be displayed on screen, to make everything easy to follow. We’ll use backing tracks and all teaching materials will be available in pdf and mp3 format, so you can continue your journey at home. 
*Pete Arnold is a Ukulele teacher, leader of Ukaholics Anonymous in Diss and Ukulele Bass Player with Daisy & The Continentals.

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If you have access issues please contact the Box Office on 01379 652241 to complete your booking so we can ensure that your visit is as comfortable and safe as possible. We have a limit on how many wheelchair spaces we can safely accommodate so these need to be reserved in advance.