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Tashi Lhunpo Monks – Performance Workshop

Venue: The Corn Hall
Performance Workshop – this fascinating workshop will give you a demonstrations and an understanding of the background to the Tashi Lhunpo Monks Music, Dance, Debate and Mudras.
Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience the music and art of the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture which flourished for six centuries in Tibet and which the monks now continue to practise in exile. 
Numbers for this workshop are limited. Approx 1hr 30mins 
You can purchase a Final Day Ticket which will admit you to all three events on the Final Day and give you a substantial saving. Go to the Destruction Ceremony booking page here.
The Tashi Lhunpo Monks will be at the Corn Hall for a whole a week of workshops and performance. During their residency, they will create a Sand Mandala. The most exquisite of all their artistic traditions, it requires millions of coloured grains of sand to be painstakingly laid into place to form an intricate design. 
The development of the picture day-by-day, through to the moving climax of the Destruction Ceremony on Thursday 3rd August, is a spellbinding spectacle. 
View work on the Mandala between 11am-4pm on Saturday 29th and 10am-4pm Monday-Wednesday. Entry is FREE.
Why not pop in during your lunch break or after work to see it gradually come to completion? 
If you have access issues, please contact the Box Office on 01379 652241 to complete your booking. This will enable us to ensure that your visit is as comfortable and safe as possible.