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Textiles in Action – Margo Selby talk

Venue: The Corn Hall
In conjunction with the Corn Hall's exhibition of her work, and as part of the Textiles in Action Day with Designermakers 21, Margo Selby will talk about her work and the inspirations that underpin her designs and practice. 

Approx 50 minutes. Please book your ticket for the talk in advance.

The Corn Hall Lower Gallery - 21 May-26 June
Margo Selby (b.1977) is an artist and textiles designer working with colour and geometric form. The handwoven artworks are made in Margo’s Whitstable studio, and exhibited worldwide. 
Margo thinks a lot about optical effect and plays with off-kilter symmetry, pull-focus and forced perspectives. An APERTURE is an opening to let in light, often a term associated with the telescope or camera – Margo adopts it here to describe the act of focused vision and the sensations of colour. 
Geometric pattern is made macro in her fractal compositions, expanding infinitely – the forms project and recede, creating a sensation of dynamism, and sometimes almost becoming images, alluding as they can to stairways and steps or pyramid forms – they are a chromatic hall of mirrors.