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Textiles in Action – Rosie-May Greenbank

Venue: designermakers21 Gallery
Rosie-May Greenbank will talk about the development of her business and working with The Prince’s Trust. Rosie uses a range of materials in her work including hand painted and paper yarn, with a copper and monofilament weft.
Part of Textiles in Action Day. A day of FREE talks and demonstrations covering a range of constructed textiles and focusing on weave. 
The events take place across two St Nicholas Street venues in Diss - The Corn Hall and designermakers21.
Each artist will talk about their work and the inspirations that underpin their designs and practice. Some will take the form of a discussion between two artists and questions from the audience at the end are encouraged. 
The theme of sustainability is seen in much of the work on display and members of the public will be encouraged to reflect on the slow processes of constructed textiles and the time it takes to produce even a small piece of work. 
This has been a year of reflection for most of us. This day and the accompanying exhibitions across both venues enable viewers to take time to creatively engage and to feel inspired by colour, texture and form. 
Approx 45 minutes. Please book your tickets in advance below.