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The John Lennon Tribute UK

Venue: The Corn Hall
Imagine you could take a Magical Mystery Tour back in time to revisit the sound of The Beatles.  Visualise a young Lennon and you have Gaz Keenan. 
Add a highly professional backing band and John Lennon’s popular back catalogue, classic solos and Lennon-penned early Beatles classics and you have The John Lennon Tribute UK's 'Lennon Retrospective' - a live music experience you won't forget. 
Front man Gaz Keenan, who featured on and won ITV's, The Big Audition is not only a Lennon look alike, he's also a sound alike with the ability to recreate Lennon's soulful vocals alongside passionate guitar and piano riffs. 
With costume changes, uncanny mannerisms and Lennon's trademark caustic wit, don't miss this chance to witness this highly acclaimed tribute band at the Corn Hall. 
"No-one can top Gaz who looks like Lennon in his early years"
The Daily Express