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The Toy Department

Venue: The Corn Hall

A variety of small maquettes: painted sculptural forms, ironstone miniatures, glass fibre constructions, card-gold leaf inventions and stone figurines have given this exhibition its title. These playful pieces echo Robert Sainsbury's passion for small objects, as displayed in the UEA Sainsbury Collection and named by his children ‘The Toy Department’.


Gary and Jo Hincks are exhibiting works that playfully navigate a diverse range of themes and iconography. Sometimes the joyful act of playing can inspire objects and images that capture that moment of creativity; childhood memories revived, the delight of fleeting humour, an almost unobserved detail expanded into another form.


Saturday 20 October   11am-12.30pm

The artists Gary and Jo Hincks will be present at this show viewing. View their work and take the opportunity to talk to them about it.