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Tony Casement

Venue: The Corn Hall

An Exhibition in the Main Gallery

10am-4pm  Monday to Saturday


In these works on paper Tony Casement makes a foray into the world of TV and media where the observer is observed, the news cycle accelerates, major events and disasters are absorbed as entertainment and talking heads rule.

He has said of his practise “I try to make work that has a physical presence and an identity of its own. There are various sources – people, journeys maybe things heard on the radio. For example I get as much pleasure from looking at a pavement as I do from a sunset….”

Included is a wall of disparate sometimes pareidolic images and an introduction to the recently completed box set of 5 screenprints ‘Breaking News’.


Opening evening Wednesday 18 April   6-7.30pm
Meet the artist.

Why not stay and see the screening of our Wednesday film - Loving Vincent?