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Warhol at the Tate – Online

Production Company: Tate Modern
Venue: The Corn Hall

While the Corn Hall is closed, we're hunting out interesting things which you can enjoy from the safety of your home. This one is from the Tate Modern.

On Friday 20 March, UK museums closed. But the BBC managed to film four exhibitions that day which they are now streaming under the title ‘Museums in Quarantine’. These are quite personal with the presenters reflecting the strange circumstances of the filming.

Andy Warhol’s retrospective at Tate Modern had opened few days before, and Andy Sooke gives his take on the exhibition and Warhol’s position in c20th and c21st art.

Does Warhol’s experimentation and use of everyday objects and celebrities, reality icons repeated and multiplied make him the forerunner of the social media generation?  

We hope you enjoy this 15 minute film Click link to view