Luke Wright’s latest show – Poet Laureate – is unusually thoughtful and moving

Following in the wake of his ambitious play/poems of recent years, Luke Wright’s latest show might at first appear a tad conventional, but there was a lot more going on here than just a collection of new poems.

Wright has always been more interested in satire and commentary than introspection and self- examination, as was evident in his opening Brexit rant, but much of his new work revealed just how much he now struggles with that approach. We still got some good-natured ribbing for Prince Charles and self-mocking defence of pretension, but in an evening that was full of melancholy and reflection, the trick-cycling of univocalism evoked more questions than answers. Is his flirt with this thrilling skill lifting spirits? Is this trick childish? Which is it? I think Wright might limit his night with this thing. Is this risk fitting?

He was far more engaging, and far more affecting, when he spoke of missing his children, of life on the road, and of simply being alone. It was as if, in spite of himself, the turmoil in his personal life couldn’t help but bubble to the surface in a performance that was unusually thoughtful and moving.

By David Vass