Baby Driver – A preview

Edgar Wright is best known for his collaboration with Simon Pegg on the Cornetto trilogy, and though his first solo venture, Scott Pilgrim, was a cult success it was also a commercial disaster. This time round, however, he must surely have a hit on his hands – a high octane, car-chasing romantic musical packed with sharp humour and fantastic set pieces.

An extension of an idea first seen in Wright’s music video for Mint Royale, the film riffs off The French Connection, True Romance and even Ferris Bueller, yet retains a style and identity of its own. Ansel Elgort is boyishly gauche as the eponymous driver, living life accompanied by ipod to drown out his tinnitus. His budding romance with waitress Debora (sic), charmingly played by Lily James, is sweet and wittily mirrored by the Bonnie and Clyde love interest of Jon Hamm and Eiza González.

There’s also some inspired support work from Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey but most importantly is the support that comes from a rockastic soundtrack that includes the Damned, Queen, Golden Earring, and the bonkers yodelling of Focus. Exciting, exuberant and super cool, this is a film that demands to be seen on the big screen with the sound turned up to eleven. In the words of Brian James, Baby Driver is neat, neat, neat.

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