Bethany Crow’s review of Life on the Deben

During my time at the Diss Corn Hall work experience day I had the pleasure of helping steward the movie Life on the Deben and then watching this interesting documentary. Throughout the documentary you learn about the deep history that Suffolk has to offer and how it has affected us today.

Life on the Deben (Tim Curtis, 2017) is a documentary following the author and journalist john McCarthy down the river Deben in Suffolk. He explores the river’s effect on the community both in present and past times. While following McCarthy you learn about the rich history that the river holds including painters (17th-20th Century), World War 2(Radar towers) and The Saxons. Using stunning camera work you are able to experience the wild life that the river Deben ad surrounding areas has to offer while not actually being there. Before watching this documentary I had no clue about the river Deben and its history but after watching this documentary I was able to understand how it has helped create the society we know today.

By Bethany Crow