Joseph Grayston Has Enjoyable Time During Work Experience Week At The Corn Hall

For one week starting on the 9th of July I completed work experience at Diss Corn Hall. The opportunity arose after a change in A-Levels meant that students of year 12 at Diss High had a compulsory week of work experience. Perusing my interests in media and IT I chose to complete my week Diss Corn Hall.

Over the week I was set various tasks in which I completed without hesitation. On Monday a heritage event called Brush with the Past opened with artwork and films produced by local students and groups. Although it was busy and hard work, it was enjoyable to see the process of the event. The following day consisted of producing social media posts marketing the current event brush with the past. Wednesday was once again enjoyable as I helped steward and got to watch a film; The Greatest Showman. On Thursday I set about recording all previous visitors that had attended exhibitions and left comments in the visitor’s log. Although enjoyable it was a timely process as sometimes I had to decipher the names of people with more eloquent hand writing than my own. In addition to this I worked in the box office selling tickets for upcoming events and rearranging posters throughout the Corn Hall to promote these events. On my final day I was asked to create social media posts for adult workshops later in July and August. It was an enjoyable activity as I had the freedom to create the posts and learnt how to schedule them on both Facebook and Twitter to which I didn’t previously know.

Overall the week had been very enjoyable with a range of tasks meaning I gained valuable experience. For me the most surprising thing the various amount of tasks that have to be done from marketing to stewarding to organizing events. I would like to thank both the staff and volunteers at The Corn Hall for allowing this experience to be enjoyable and useful for me, but also that they were very welcoming and kind.

Many thanks,

Joseph Grayston